What is bliss?

May 13, 2006

Bliss is infinite gratitude.

Breathe that in for a moment.

(…what else could it be?)

All those words we have for the “it” that is sought — bliss, ecstasy, nirvana, paradise, and so on — what are they, really, but ways to express the state of gratitude to the nth?

A practice of holding the intention to return our attention to gratitude transforms our world. Inside, and out.

The way most of us have set up our habitual thinking patterns, we allow our minds to focus on what is perceived as wrong. The mind asks: Why am I not getting what I desire? And, being as smart as it is, it sets about delivering all the most plausible reasons why. It is very good at this.

Truthfully, the mind would be just as happy to focus on what is right about a given situation, and to deliver all the equally plausible reasons for that!

So how about conditioning our minds to ask empowering questions instead, such as: What is good about what I am experiencing, right now? What is serving me, here? What can I be grateful for?

Start with what’s immediately present: gratitude for the breath itself is a great place to begin.

Gratitude is the simplest way up and out, from wherever one may think one is.

We might call this practice “blisscipline.” 🙂

So what are you grateful for, right now?